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The TRITON REAGENTS division offers a comprehensive range of reagents for creating, supplementing and treating sea water. Not only do TRITON REAGENT customers benefit from our analytical expertise but also ICP driven quality assurance - that same technology that powers our water testing services. TRITON REAGENTS are guaranteed impurity free and are designed to support the TRITON METHOD  - a completely science based workflow for reefkeeping that is easy to use.  

There are three ranges of TRITON REAGENTS:


CORECHEM products provide the foundation chemistry for the TRITON METHOD and other reefkeeping techniques. Reefkeepers worldwide depend on them to replenish the essential macro and trace elements consumed in the daily function of their reef systems. The CORECHEM range also includes PURE 2.0 Salt - a professional grade seawater salt mix made entirely from pharmaceutical and analytical grade reagents - guaranteed free from impurities. Got to our CORECHEM range.


Our highly pure supplements range provide the macro and trace elements commonly needed to supplement and maintain Natural Sea Water.  Quality assured by TRITON LAB using ICP  our reagents are analytical grade and are guaranteed to be free of impurities. Go to our SUPPLEMENTS range.


We offer a full range of treatments for common water quality issues regardless of the reefkeeping technique in use. Quality assured using ICP testing by TRITON LAB. Go to our TREATMENTS range.