TRITON Reagents Difference

With TRITON Reagents you get much more than just the highest quality products available on the market.

The definition of a professional aquarium product is one that is specifically designed for aquariums based on real research and made to the highest quality possible through strict quality control measures with sustainability in mind.
All of this is only possible when the products are produced and packaged by the company that sells them and cannot be brought in by a third party

With TRITON Reagents you get products that are designed by aquarists based on years of aquarium research under strict quality control.

At TRITON we have in house a qualified chemist, pharmacist, parasitologist and marine scientists with over 100 years combined experience and 150 years of aquarium keeping expertise allowing us to develop unique, tailor made products for the aquarium.

TRITON also provides the highest quality control using our 4 laboratories around the world to test incoming source materials and outgoing finalised products.

With TRITON Reagents you get sustainable products produced by the branded company itself and not a generic product that is brought in from a third party.

TRITON’s research and quality control is only possible because we produce our own products under a controlled environment.

At TRITON’s state of the art facility in Germany we produce nearly all of our products which are also packed in house.

TRITON was the first to implement sustainable packaging systems, a commitment to reducing our environmental footprint.

As a result of this we can guarantee the highest quality, traceability and sustainability for our products.